Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Russell's

We were married January 2, 2009, to kick off our marriage, we started school three days later at Dixie State College in St. George Utah. Nate is going to school and working at Washington Mutual, and I am a nursing student and will graduate in December!
For my birthday in February, Nate made me an awesome Funfetti cake we didn't have any candles so we stuck matches in the cake and I blew those out instead! After he surprised me and took me to the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. I had found an
advertisement for it in the mail and very sneakily left it out on the counter for three days, I must say my husband picks up on suttle clues quite well.
For spring break I went on a cruise with my sister's to Catalina Island and Mexico, while Nate stayed home and started his first week of work!
We are enjoying the beginning of our summer and the nice weather. Nate is taking a phlebotomy program over the summer and he is really excited to learn how to draw blood.


  1. Hey Meg -
    I get to be your first comment! You need to post some pics of your cute little house. I'll be waiting for them.

  2. Hey Megan! I found your blog off of Alisons. You need to update! I want to see house pictures too. I hope you guys are doing well.
    Love cousin, erin

  3. Megs! i'm so glad you have a blog. I do too! How are you?? Update sometime soon. I hope you're able to come down in October!

  4. MEGGIE POO! Hello you got a blog and havent updated it...what is the deal?! I want to see pics of your life!

  5. Hi Megan and Nate. I too was happy to find your BLOG. Hey, I need to know Nate's birthday to add him to the list. Grant told me it was in the Fall but I need a date please. I hope we get to see you sometime during the holidays. Love Aunt Jere