Friday, August 21, 2009

While crabbing in Washington, we went fishing, and all I caught were these little shark looking fish, it was great, I would throw my line in and about thirty seconds later, I would get a bite. I was told that they urinate through their skin and it makes your hands smell really bad, so I let the guy with the gloves touch them.

We went to Chittenden Locks and they have a fish ladder for the salmon, and they have glass in a small area so you can see the fish going up the ladder.

This was on our drive back to St. George from Arizona and we stopped at Lake Mary for a break.

When we were in Washington, Nate's mom had mentioned that Forks was only a couple of hours away. I figured we would never be that close again, so I convinced Nate that we needed to go and get a picture next to the sign.


  1. Haha, Megs that picture of you with the fish and the comments just makes me laugh. It's so you, I can hear you saying it! FORKS!! That's sweet! Hope it was a fun trip.

  2. I love that you went to forks meggie! I miss you and am super jealous you have a picture next to the sign!

  3. Megs! I'm so glad you posted! Keep it up girl! how's school going?