Monday, December 14, 2009


Saturday I graduated from nursing school. Wohoo!! I am happy to be done with school, and hopefully start making lots of money. Now I get start studying to take the NCLEX, and hope that I pass the first time. I gave myself a present for graduation, a new dress, Nate thought it was funny when I told him I was going to buy it, as opposed to asking if I could, but he thinks it was a good investment. My body decided to congratulate me on graduating by getting strep throat, what fun! But Nate was good enough to take care of me and go to the store at 5 in the morning to get me some more medicine. He even taught nursery all by himself, we had a record number of nine kids that day. He did start getting nervous when my temp went up to 102, and he started checking my temperature every hour, all through the night. I started getting dehyrated because I couldn't swallow anything, I had to keep spitting in the sink because I couldn't even swallow my own spit. Nate made me drink a glass of orange juice this morning so I could get some fluids in me, I was crying while drinking it cause it hurt so much, but he threatened to take me to the hospital so I could get IV fluids if I didn't drink all of it. I went to the doctor today and he gave me an antibiotic shot and tylenol 3 and throat spray. Now I can eat, swallow, and drink lots of orange juice!


  1. gosh you poor girl! that does NOT sound fun! i hope you can start feeling better...lots better! CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! i'm so happy for you and proud too! what an exciting thing. also on the new dress, thats always fun :) miss you and love you! best luck to you on your test too, hope it goes well.

  2. congratulations! i am soo happy for you! and i am so sorry about your throat!:( i am glad your feeling better though! i miss you!

    i luv ya!
    ~bAiLeY rAe

  3. Megs!
    First off, so excited you finally updated! Congratulations on graduation! Seriously! Are you guys staying in St. George still?